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City Attorney's Opinion. Read the text here.

Kenís Channel 8 Campaign Speech. Read the text here.

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A message from Ken

I want to thank the voters of Boulder for electing me to City Council four years ago. Your support made it possible and I have been honored to represent you on Council. It has been an amazing experience. I have learned a great deal about our city, about local politics, and about people. I am an engineer and scientist, not a politician.

I stand primarily for good governance. We need to make thoughtful and considered decisions to see Boulder prosper and continue to be the place we all want to live. As an engineer and scientist, with over 35 years of experience, I bring skills and knowledge to council on environmental issues, water resources, utility operations and sound management.

I want to see Boulder keep its leadership role in environmental issues with improvements in energy conservation and renewable energy. I want to see us manage our Open Space to balance recreation with preservation. I want to see us manage our libraries, parks and recreation centers so everyone can enjoy them. I want to see us improve our transportation system, keeping our streets in repair and expanding our multi-modal opportunities. To do all this, we need to keep our economy healthy with green jobs and good housing. And we need to be financially responsible, watching our budget and getting more services for less money.

I would like one more term on Council to use what I have learned to continue Boulderís tradition of innovative governance. I bring the skills, knowledge and thoughtful leadership to council to accomplish our goals. I hope that you will give me your vote when you fill out your mail ballot.

~ Ken

"Ken understands the needs of the community and is committed to making Boulder a better place for everyone to live. He has the business and professional experience to bring solid management skills to City Council. Kenís approach is always thoughtful, logical and collaborative. I urge you to support him"

~ Mark Ruzzin, former Boulder Mayor and City Council Member

"In his four years of service on Council, Ken has shown sensitivity to economic sustainability issues, a practical, analytical approach, and the courage to speak the facts on issues. We believe he will become even more effective in the next four years as he builds on his experience."

~ Boulder Chamber of Commerce, in their endorsement

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